7 Ways to Quickly Improve Amazon Search Rank

This is going to be a quick post that touches on some really effective techniques that will quickly improve Amazon search rank without requiring heavy keyword analysis. See my Amazon SEO article for that.

1 – Sponsored Products

amazon sponsored products


A relatively new service from Amazon that they will no doubt focus more on in time. This is a great way for new products to get exposure at a time when they don’t have any performance history to back them up. It’s also an excellent and often cheap way of getting keyword data (impressions, CTR, conversions).

2 – The Power of Parent/Child Relationships

Combining products that have variations in size or colour makes listings much more user friendly, which will ultimately reduce friction for purchases.

Pat Petriello of CPC strategy recommends almost always combining products where possible because “the combined ASINs are more powerful than having every ASIN fight it out”. Child relationships won’t get lost in the search rank because the strongest variation for the given search query will show in the SERP. Listing new products in this way is especially useful as it allows the new product to ride the coat tails of the established listing.

3 – Super URLs

A tool offered by various third party software providers such as AMZ Shark and AMZ Tracker. A super URL redirects to the product page with the keywords already added as a query parameter, which registers on Amazon as a click from the SERP for that search query. More clicks and purchases of your product via these keywords tells Amazon that your product is performing well for those keywords and will result in increased ranking. You can even set up the URL so that it rotates between a group of different keywords of your choice each time somebody clicks it.

4 – Strikethrough Pricing

sennheiser headphones on sale on amazon

A simple promotion can work well for the right products. If you dominate the buy box you can run sales to draw attention to your listings.

5 – Keywords in Brand Names and MPN Numbers

This makes sense in all forms of Ecommerce. Start baring this in mind with new products. For more info on other areas keywords can have an impact read my post on the most important ranking factors for Amazon.

6 – Increase Number of Reviews


Improve Amazon ranking by getting thousands of reviews like this product
The Amazon world is your oyster with this many reviews!

Be proactive about garnering reviews for your products and your business. Reaching out to bloggers, influencers and top reviewers or joining review clubs can all help boost your search rank through reviews. At the very least you should be getting in contact with people who purchased via email or by sending a note in packaging asking “did you have a good experience shopping with us?” – if not contact us and we’ll fix the problem; if yes, please leave us a review.

7 – Target Less Competitive Categories

Screenshot of a niche category. You can improve amazon ranking in more popular categories by ranking well in niche areas.

It usually makes sense to put your products in a less competitive category as long as it’s a relevant one. Ranking highly in an uncompetitive sub-category can help improve Amazon ranking in broader categories and it always looks great to have the ‘#1 best seller’ tag. Note that you don’t have full control over your categorisation as Amazon can force you into the category it thinks is best.


Can you think of any other approaches to improving product ranking? Please leave a comment below!


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