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Best GAIQ Resources

I recently passed my GAIQ test (hurray!). A couple of people asked me about the best GAIQ resources for the test so I decided to list them here.


Google Analytics Academy Videos

I watched these videos when I first started learning web analytics. Rewatching them prior to the exam was very useful in reinforcing how data processing works and for the definitions of a number of things within GA e.g. hits/sessions/users or account/property/view.


Some of the details are outdated in this blog post, for example there is no longer a pause button on the exam and you can no longer mark a question for review at the end (the exam is constantly changing). Having said that I found the notes I took on step 4 of the post extremely helpful, especially the parts about sources & mediums, which came up a couple of times on my exam.

Practice Questions

Practice questions. I’ve seen people say that the questions on here are generally harder than those you will receive on the test. This is undoubtedly true by my experience so don’t get disheartened.

Reference Sheet

A great reference guide to have open for when your mind goes blank on the exam.

Google Analytics Training Resources by Optimize Smart

This guy is a prolific blogger who is very strong technically and has been a huge help to me in learning about web analytics. This post contains a list of resources that will give you more knowledge than you require to pass the GAIQ. I still haven’t worked my way through it all.

Other tabs to have whilst taking the exam

GA Support – You’ll be amazed how quickly you can figure out an answer by using the GA help

GA URL-Builder – You should probably know how to add utm tags to a URL but in case you don’t, this might be handy

google.com/analytics – Google Analytics obviously! In case you didn’t think of it this is a great way to work your way to a solution to some of the questions

Try, try, try again (for free!)

Google recently made the GAIQ and Adwords certification tests free to take. You only have to wait 7 days if you fail (score less then 80%). Even if you don’t feel ready, why not take the test and see how you get on? Make the most of the exposure to the questions so that if you fail you will learn plenty. Then you’ll only have to wait a week before trying again.

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